Never fall in the trap of what others think of you! If you base your life on others thoughts you will never grow as a person. It doesn’t matter what others think. It’s your life you should live it the way you like , as long as its the right way, not the way others think you need to live it. The people who you should listen to and  actually care what they think about you are people like your parents your family people who love you and have your best interests. I faced this challenge in my life. When I was in school I never used to talk to people much and I’d just stay in my tiny group of two people. I was an introvert and I always thought that if I’d talk to people they’ll think I’ve got no friends and stuff like and basically they’ll just think I’m a loser. When school started after summer break my only two friends dint come to school in the beginning and I was finding it really difficult to talk to other people. So one day I was just randomly talking to a this girl in my class she was really nice and then she gave me the best advice! that it does not  matter what people think , it’s not going to affect in any way whatever they may think! That day onwards I took her advice and made an effort and started talking to people. Turns out they were nice and everyone liked me and I soon had a nice group of friends who I used to hangout with and from an introvert I became a fun loving person who would talk to everyone. I still do find it a little difficult to talk to certain  people but it’s something I working towards and hopefully soon I’ll will win this challenge also. Just have faith and confidence in yourself!

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Music makes me feel better when I am in a bad mood. But that is only a temporary solution, so once I feel a little better I try to figure out what exactly went wrong and work towards solving my problem that is because I do not like to be sad or regret anything that is bad. I like to hold myself responsible for whatever I feel. So i guess taking responsibility about how I feel is what makes me feel better when I am in a bad mood. 


In my psychology class I learned  about something called learned helplessness. Something I thought we all go through in our daily lives. I’ll illustrate this with an example my teacher gave us. To train elephants they tie a chain to their leg when they are babies and they are made to eat sleep live in chains. In this way the mind of the elephant was conditioned in such a way to make him feel useless and that he can not do anything. Whereas an elephant has the power to break buildings!But sadly these elephants are not aware of their power !In the same way in our daily lives sometimes we’re not even aware of what we are capable of doing! We need to unleash the chains of doubts and worries and discover ourselves! We are not animals like the elephants! We are smart enough to discover our talents and know what we are good at. We need take up the responsibility of ourselves and find out the mission of our existence in this earth! We are all here for a mission. So unleash all the chains of doubts , fears, worries and look for the mission you have been born for!Rise above all your worries and live a life full of happiness and joy and spread peace and kindness to everyone around you:)